Piexon JPX 2 Black LE OC Cartridge 23 Foot EXP 2027 BLUE

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TIP COLOR: Black The JPX Jet Protector Frame is a reloadable high-tech OC delivery system. Each cartridge (two per magazine) fires exceptionally potent liquid OC at 405 mph with effective distance of 23 feet. BLUE DYE
Cartridges that have expired should be disposed of and replaced with updated cartridges.   Expired cartridges may not fire properly when needed.   In addition, the cartridges should be stored in a reasonable temperate environment.  The cartridges safe temperature range is:  -4 degress F to +140 degrees F.
Warning: The MINIMUM safe discharge distance is 5 feet from the tip of the magazine to the target. These cartridges may not be shipped to Non Law Enforcement in New York state.    
 All magazines for the JPX 2 Shot are now the same.  All carry the same OC mix at 4 million SHU and fire up to 23 feet.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CONSUMER MAGAZINE FOR THE JPX 2 OR THE JPX 4.  ALL REAL PIEXON MAGAZINES HAVE A WHITE LABEL
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